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BKR Water Bottles

Discover the stylish and eco-friendly range of BKR water bottles, boasting vibrant designs and leak-proof technology. In our comprehensive product roundup, we showcase the best BKR bottles to keep you hydrated and on-trend.

Discover the stylish and eco-friendly range of BKR water bottles, boasting vibrant designs and leak-proof technology. In our comprehensive product roundup, we showcase the best BKR bottles to keep you hydrated and on-trend.

Staying hydrated is essential, but single-use plastic bottles have a negative impact on the environment. That’s where the BKR Water Bottles enter the scene. In this article, we’ll dive into the world of these reusable glass water bottles designed to quench your thirst while reducing your carbon footprint. We’ll explore their various features, styles, and capacities, and help you make an informed choice in your quest for eco-conscious hydration.

The Top 6 Best BKR Water Bottles

  1. BKR Big 1 L Cloud Water Bottle - Secure, Easy Sipping, Ultra Durable - The BKR Big 1 L Cloud Water Bottle is a beautifully designed, leakproof, and easy-to-open hydration companion, made from glass for pure-tasting water and crafted with a comfortable narrow neck for effortless sipping.

  2. BKR Glass Silicone Water Bottle - Experience luxury and sustainability with the 16 oz BKR Glass Silicone Water Bottle in Flirt Pink - a chic and eco-friendly accessory that keeps your water tasting pure and free of chemicals.

  3. BKR Spiked Elle Water Bottle - The BKR Spiked Elle Water Bottle (16 oz.) is a stylish and well-made glass bottle with a silicone sleeve, offering impeccable quality, easy cleaning, and no unpleasant aftertaste.

  4. BKR 500ml Glass Water Bottle with Leakproof Cap and Hammock for Pets - Experience clean, pure hydration with the bkr Glass Bottle - 500 ml - featuring leakproof cap with carrying loop, narrow mouth for comfortable sipping, and eco-friendly glass that never taints your water with a metallic or plastic taste.

  5. BKR Heather 1L Reusable Glass Water Bottle - Introducing the BKR Heather 1L Reusable Glass Water Bottle, a sophisticated and sustainable companion that keeps your hydration tasting pure - all while capturing the captivating essence of a foggy, ethereal City of Oakland.

  6. BKR Glass +Silicone Sleeve Bottle in Cupcake Pink - Experience a touch of whimsical charm with BKR Glass +Silicone Sleeve Bottle’s “Cupcake” edition, offering a safe, leaching-free hydration solution while also helping you keep track of your daily water intake.

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BKR Big 1 L Cloud Water Bottle - Secure, Easy Sipping, Ultra Durable


I recently got my hands on the BKR Big 1 L Cloud water bottle, and let me tell you, it’s been a game-changer in my daily life. This sleek, stylish bottle not only keeps me hydrated but also adds a touch of elegance to my workout routine and daily commute.

The first thing that caught my eye about this bottle was its unique design. The cloud-inspired grey sleeves give it a sophisticated look, making it stand out from other water bottles I’ve seen. Plus, they’re made of silicone, which not only provides a firm grip but also protects the glass bottle from any potential damage due to drops or bumps.

One feature that I absolutely love is the narrow mouth for comfortable sipping. Unlike other water bottles that have wide openings, this one allows me to take a sip without worrying about spills or drips. It’s perfect for my workout sessions when I need to stay focused on my form and technique.

However, there’s one aspect of the BKR Big 1 L Cloud that could use some improvement - the cleaning process. Due to its narrow opening, it can be quite challenging to fit a traditional bottle brush inside to clean it thoroughly. Thankfully, there’s a specially designed brush available specifically for BKR bottles, which makes the cleaning process much easier and more efficient.

But overall, I’m extremely satisfied with my purchase of the BKR Big 1 L Cloud water bottle. Its stylish design, leakproof cap, and comfortable narrow mouth make it an excellent companion for staying hydrated during my daily activities.

BKR Glass Silicone Water Bottle


A trendy and sustainable choice, the BKR Dining Water Bottle is definitely worth considering. This 16 oz glass water bottle is encased in a soft, silicone sleeve that comes in various colors - just perfect for adding a pop of color to your daily life. The glass construction ensures that there’s no metallic taste interfering with your water, and the secure lid with a built-in lip is both easy to carry and prevents spills. I was pleasantly surprised by the weight and ease of use of this bottle.

The key features, such as the small mouth for hassle-free sipping and the glass construction that makes this bottle 100% recyclable, set it apart from other plastic water bottles. While it may be a little pricey, using this bottle has made me a more conscious consumer, as I now refrain from buying bottled water. The silicone sleeve also makes it easy to grip and adds a layer of protection to the glass bottle.

However, cleaning this bottle can be a bit of a challenge. I’ve found that using a brush specifically designed for bottles works best. The product description mentions that it’s dishwasher safe, but I prefer hand washing to maintain the integrity of the materials. Overall, the BKR Dining Water Bottle is a stylish and sustainable alternative to disposable plastic bottles, and I would highly recommend it to anyone seeking an eco-friendly water bottle.

BKR Spiked Elle Water Bottle


In my quest to stay hydrated, I recently discovered the BKR Glass Water Bottle in Elle’s 16 oz, and it has quickly become my go-to choice for stylish and eco-friendly hydration. The combination of a sleek glass body with a colorful silicone sleeve adds a touch of glamour to an otherwise simple object, making me feel like I’m treating myself to a fancy spa day rather than just sipping on water.

One aspect that sets BKR apart from other water bottles is its unique design featuring soft, spiky silicone sleeves. Not only do they provide a comfortable grip and prevent slippery hands, but they also give the bottle a distinct edge. The slightly spiky texture can even be soothing when you’re feeling stressed, making it more than just a water bottle – it’s a sensory tool that adds a layer of self-care to your daily routine.

I’m also impressed with the bottle’s durability. Despite its elegant appearance, it’s held up well to a few accidental drops and free falls. The silicone sleeve takes the brunt of the damage, while the glass inner remains mostly unscathed. The capacity of 16 oz is perfect for filling up on water without feeling weighed down, and it fits nicely into most beverage holders and bags.

One potential downside is the size of the opening, which can be a bit too small for some users, especially those who prefer their water ice-cold. Regular ice cubes won’t fit, but BKR offers their own special narrow ice trays to accommodate the limitations of the bottle’s design. Another issue could be the cleaning process, as the narrow opening makes it challenging to thoroughly clean the interior. However, this aspect doesn’t deter me from enjoying the many benefits of using this stylish and convenient water bottle.

Overall, I wholeheartedly recommend the BKR Glass Water Bottle in Elle’s 16 oz for anyone looking to elevate their daily hydration routine with a chic and functional accessory. Its eye-catching design, comfortable grip, and eco-friendly materials make it a must-have addition to any self-care collection.

BKR 500ml Glass Water Bottle with Leakproof Cap and Hammock for Pets


I recently got my hands on the bkr Glass Bottle in the 500 ml size, and I’ve been using it daily. The glass construction gives the bottle a sleek, modern look that’s perfect for any outfit. The narrow mouth makes sipping super comfortable, whether I’m at the gym or just running errands. Plus, it’s leakproof and easy to open with its patented cap design.

One thing that really stood out to me was how well the glass bottle preserves the taste of my water. Unlike plastic or metal bottles that can sometimes leave a lingering aftertaste, this glass bottle ensures that my water always tastes clean and refreshing. And with its recyclable and reusable design, I feel good knowing that I’m not contributing to waste with this product.

However, there are a few downsides to this bottle as well. Some users reported issues with the cap becoming loose, which can lead to leakage or accidents if you’re not careful. Additionally, the glass can be prone to breaking if it’s dropped or mishandled, so you might want to consider getting a case or sleeve for added protection.

Overall, I’ve been really happy with my bkr Glass Bottle. Its unique design and quality construction make it a great choice for anyone looking to stay hydrated while reducing their plastic waste. While there are some minor drawbacks to consider, I would definitely recommend giving this bottle a try.

BKR Heather 1L Reusable Glass Water Bottle


You know that feeling when you wake up to a misty morning, wrapped in a cozy blanket while sipping on a warm drink? That’s how it feels to use the BKR Heather 1L Water Bottle. It’s like having your very own personal mist while on the go, keeping you hydrated and feeling good. The glass bottle with a silicone sleeve not only looks sleek and stylish, but it ensures that your water always tastes pure and fresh, without any lingering plastic or metallic taste.

One of the standout features of this bottle is the leakproof cap with a carrying loop, which makes it incredibly easy to open, close, and carry with you wherever you go. And don’t worry about those long workout sessions or breezy strolls – the narrow mouth design ensures that you can take a comfortable sip of water without any splashes or spills. Plus, the glass material is super easy to clean, whether you’re using a dishwasher or a dedicated bottle brush.

However, while the BKR Heather 1L Water Bottle is an absolute dream, it’s not without its quirks. Some users have encountered issues with mold growth, despite their best efforts to keep the bottle clean. And although the price tag might seem a bit steep, the bottle’s durability and eco-friendliness make it a worthwhile investment for those who prioritize both style and sustainability.

In conclusion, the BKR Heather 1L Water Bottle is a stylish and practical addition to any daily routine. Its glass construction ensures that your water always tastes great, while the leakproof cap and carrying loop make it easy to take with you on the go. So why not treat yourself to a little slice of misty morning magic with a bottle that’s both functional and beautiful?

BKR Glass +Silicone Sleeve Bottle in Cupcake Pink


I’ve been using the BKR Glass +Silicone Sleeve Bottle in cupcake color for a few weeks now, and it’s become my go-to water bottle. While I’m not typically one for pink, something about this color—inspired by ice cream in bed, sequined sweaters, and cherry blossoms—has grown on me. It’s like having a little piece of whimsical joy with me wherever I go.

The biggest pros for me have been its glass construction and easy-to-use silicone sleeve. This has been a game-changer in my quest for hydration, as it eliminates the concern about leaching chemicals that we sometimes encounter with plastic bottles. Plus, the round shape of the bottle feels comfortable in my hand when holding or even attached to a bag strap.

Another pro I’ve discovered is the tracking feature on the bottle’s body. Seeing those little lines fill up throughout the day actually does motivate me to drink more water—who knew visual cues could be so effective?

However, there are a couple cons that I’ve encountered. Firstly, I wish the bottle was dishwasher safe. While hand washing isn’t a major inconvenience, it would definitely make cleaning up after a long day a bit easier. Secondly, certain parts of the bottle seem slightly delicate, especially the grommets holding the silicone sleeve. I wouldn’t want to drop it from too high as there might be potential damage.

Overall, the BKR bottle has been an impressive addition to my daily routine. Its cute aesthetic combined with practical features has made staying hydrated feel like less of a chore.

Buyer’s Guide

BKR Water Bottles: A Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

BKR Water Bottles-2

In today’s eco-conscious world, investing in a high-quality, reusable water bottle is a smart choice to reduce your carbon footprint and stay hydrated. BKR water bottles are known for their stylish design and sustainable materials, making them a popular choice among environmentally-aware consumers. To ensure you make the right choice when purchasing a BKR water bottle, consider the following features, considerations, and general advice.


  • BPA-free Tritan plastic construction

  • Silicone sleeve for added grip and protection

  • Leak-proof cap with silicone seal

  • Compatible with most standard water bottle accessories


  1. Size: BKR water bottles come in various sizes, ranging from 500ml to 1L. Determine your preferred capacity based on your hydration needs and how frequently you will refill the bottle.

  2. Color: BKR offers a wide range of color options. Choose a color that appeals to your personal style and complements your daily attire.

  3. Care: Although the silicone sleeve and cap are dishwasher-safe, the Tritan plastic bottle should be hand-washed to maintain its quality and longevity. Consider your cleaning habits and preferences when selecting a bottle.

BKR Water Bottles-3

General Advice:

To maximize the benefits of your BKR water bottle, follow these general guidelines:

  • Always ensure the cap is securely fastened before carrying or shaking the bottle

  • Avoid exposing the bottle to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight for prolonged periods to maintain the integrity of the materials

  • Regularly clean your bottle to prevent the buildup of bacteria and maintain its appearance

By keeping these features, considerations, and advice in mind, you’ll be well-equipped to make an informed decision when purchasing a BKR water bottle. Not only will you be contributing to a greener environment, but you’ll also enjoy a sleek and stylish accessory that promotes a healthy hydration habit throughout your day.


What is BKR Water Bottles?

BKR Water Bottles-4

BKR Water Bottles are stylish, reusable glass water bottles designed to promote a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle by reducing the use of single-use plastic water bottles.

How do BKR Water Bottles compare to other reusable water bottles?

BKR Water Bottles stand out for their sleek design, glass body, and silicone sleeve, which provide durability and insulation while maintaining a lightweight feel. The glass material is free of harmful chemicals, unlike some plastic or aluminum options.

What sizes are BKR Water Bottles available in?

BKR Water Bottles come in two sizes: 500ml (16oz) and 1000ml (32oz).

BKR Water Bottles-5

What materials are used in constructing BKR Water Bottles?

BKR Water Bottles are made from borosilicate glass, which is known for its durability and resistance to thermal shock. The silicone sleeve provides added protection and grip, while the screw-top cap is constructed from stainless steel and silicone.

How do I clean a BKR Water Bottle?

For daily cleaning, rinse the bottle with warm water and mild soap. To deep clean, mix equal parts water and white vinegar in the bottle and let sit for a few hours before rinsing thoroughly with water. Always ensure that the bottle is completely dry before using. For more detailed cleaning instructions, refer to the user manual provided with the bottle.

Can I put hot liquids in a BKR Water Bottle?

BKR Water Bottles-6

While BKR Water Bottles are designed primarily for cold or room temperature beverages, the glass construction can handle hot liquids without cracking. However, the silicone sleeve may become hot to the touch, so use caution when handling. It is recommended to use dedicated glass or thermal mugs for hot beverages.

How do I remove stains or discoloration from the silicone sleeve of my BKR Water Bottle?

To remove stains or discoloration from the silicone sleeve, mix equal parts baking soda and water to create a paste. Gently rub the paste onto the affected areas of the sleeve using a soft cloth or sponge, then rinse with water and dry thoroughly.

How do I replace the cap on my BKR Water Bottle if it gets lost or damaged?

BKR offers replacement caps for purchase on their website or through authorized retailers. Simply select the appropriate cap style based on your bottle size and enter the required information to receive a new cap.

Do BKR Water Bottles come with any warranty or guarantee?

BKR Water Bottles are protected by a one-year warranty against any defects in materials or craftsmanship. If you experience any issues with your bottle within the warranty period, contact BKR’s customer service for assistance.

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