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Cotton Yoga Mats

Discover the best cotton yoga mats to enhance your practice and prevent slips, promoting stability and comfort. This product roundup article offers a selection of high-quality options for eco-conscious yogis seeking durable, natural materials.

Discover the best cotton yoga mats to enhance your practice and prevent slips, promoting stability and comfort. This product roundup article offers a selection of high-quality options for eco-conscious yogis seeking durable, natural materials.

Are you a yoga enthusiast looking for a sustainable yet comfortable yoga mat? Say goodbye to your ordinary yoga mat and hello to the unbeatable comfort and eco-friendliness of cotton yoga mats. This article explores some of the best cotton yoga mats available today, offering you a perfect blend of performance and environmental responsibility. Keep reading to find the perfect match for your practice, and take your yoga game to new heights with these exceptional cotton mats.

The Top 8 Best Cotton Yoga Mats

  1. Jade Mysore Yoga Rug - Natural Cotton & Plant Dyes - The Jade Yoga Rug Black is a traditional, hand-woven organic cotton Ashtanga Yoga rug that offers comfort, excellent grip, and is suitable for all yoga styles.

  2. Handmade Organic Cotton Yoga Mat for Practitioners - Experience zen with the exquisite Gayo Handmade Organic Cotton Yoga Mat, expertly crafted for fitness enthusiasts, seasoned yogis, and budding practitioners alike.

  3. Eco-Friendly Hemp Yoga Mat for Multipurpose Use - Experience ultimate comfort and eco-friendliness with our 100% handmade, natural and biodegradable hemp yoga mat, designed for optimal support and versatile use across various activities and environments.

  4. Comfortable & Durable Yoga Mat for Hot Yoga - Experience luxury and portability with Yoga Design Lab’s Commuter Yoga Mat, boasting an eco-friendly microfiber surface with excellent grip, exceptional cushioning, and a lightweight foldable design perfect for hot yoga, Pilates, and travel.

  5. Organic Cotton Mysore Yoga Rug – JadeYoga - Revive the traditional Ashtanga yoga practice with JadeYoga’s handwoven organic cotton Mysore Rug, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and supporting rural artisans and underprivileged children in India.

  6. Medallion Tapestry Yoga Mat - Mauve - Experience exceptional comfort and stability with the Oak and Reed Medallion Tapestry Yoga Mat, featuring 4mm cushioning, a non-slip surface on both sides, and a captivating tapestry design.

  7. 100% Organic Cotton Yoga Mat - Experience eco-friendly and comfortable yoga practice on the handmade, 100% certified organic cotton yoga mat that offers superior grip, easy cleaning, and durability, perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities.

  8. Yuj Yogi Cotton Yoga Mat - Discover the Yuj Yogi Cotton Yoga Mat in Black and Silver for a comfortable and stylish practice on the go, with a minimalistic design and soft, eco-friendly materials.

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Jade Mysore Yoga Rug - Natural Cotton & Plant Dyes


My journey with the Jade Yoga Rug Black has been quite an adventure. As a yoga enthusiast, I was excited to try this natural, organic cotton mat. Upon receiving it, I was impressed by its size (27” x 72”) and weight (2.5 lbs), making it easy to carry around to various classes or even take it outdoors for a beach yoga session.

One feature that stood out was the rug’s machine washability, a big plus because some mats can be quite difficult to clean. But remember to wash colors separately in cold water and hang them to dry as they may shrink in the wash.

Another highlight was the vibrant colors achieved using natural plant dyes from herbs and spices like indigo, cumin, and turmeric. It adds a unique touch to your practice space.

However, there are also some cons to consider. The rug’s grip quality might take some time to get used to, especially during sweaty sessions. It’s recommended to use it with a regular yoga mat initially until you feel comfortable solely using the rug.

Also, while it’s suitable for all types of yoga styles, some users might find the rug moving around on smoother surfaces. So, using this rug on a textured or carpeted floor would provide better grip and stability.

Additionally, although the rug has a soft texture, it might feel slightly uncomfortable for beginners or those with sensitive hands. But after a few uses, you’ll likely grow to appreciate the natural feel and the way cotton grips better when you’re all sweaty.

In conclusion, the Jade Yoga Rug Black offers an authentic yoga experience, connecting you with the roots of yoga practice. Its unique characteristics may require some adjustments, but once you get accustomed, it adds a whole new dimension to your practice.

Handmade Organic Cotton Yoga Mat for Practitioners


I recently got the Live Well 360 Gayo Handmade Organic Cotton Yoga Mat for my regular yoga practice. It’s quite a versatile mat, capable not only for yoga but also for other workouts and exercise routines. One thing I immediately appreciated was the natural color and texture it brought to my workout space. It felt like the perfect blend of comfort and functionality, just like how a true yogi should feel during practice.

One highlight of this mat is its eco-friendliness. It’s made with 100% organic cotton, which gives it a unique, almost rustic charm that sets it apart from other mats on the market. The fact that it’s handwoven also adds a nice personal touch.

However, there’s a downside to this natural material - the grip isn’t as strong as synthetic mats. I had to be more conscious about my positioning during certain poses.

In terms of care, it’s machine washable, which is a real lifesaver compared to mats that need to be hand-washed. Despite the few cons, I find myself reaching for this mat more often for my yoga sessions. It’s a stylish and sustainable choice for any yogi who values quality and eco-friendliness.

Eco-Friendly Hemp Yoga Mat for Multipurpose Use


I recently purchased a hemp yoga mat and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. As someone who practices yoga daily, I’m always on the lookout for eco-friendly alternatives to traditional rubber mats. When I stumbled upon this handmade hemp mat online, I knew I had to give it a try.

Firstly, the natural materials used in the mat are incredibly comfortable. The combination of wild hemp canvas cotton and natural wool create a soft touch that’s perfect for those long yoga sessions. Plus, the fact that it’s 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly is a major bonus!

One of my favorite features of this mat is its versatility. It’s not only great for yoga, but also doubles as a cozy cushion or even a play mat for my little one. And unlike some rubber mats that can get pretty stinky, this hemp mat has a pleasant, natural scent.

However, there are two downsides to this mat. First, it’s a bit heavier than other yoga mats, weighing in at approximately 1.8 kg. This might make it a bit cumbersome to carry around for some people. Second, the price point is slightly higher than other mats on the market.

All in all, I’m thoroughly impressed with my hemp yoga mat. Its natural materials, high level of craftsmanship, and versatility make it a worthwhile investment for anyone looking for a comfortable and eco-friendly practice space.

Comfortable & Durable Yoga Mat for Hot Yoga


As a yoga enthusiast, I was excited to try out Yoga Design Lab’s Commuter Yoga Mat. Right away, I noticed its unique lightweight and foldable design, perfect for my on-the-go lifestyle. The microfiber surface wicked away moisture effectively, keeping me comfortable and dry even during intense hot yoga sessions.

However, one thing that caught me off guard was the firmness of the mat. While it didn’t have much cushioning, I found it surprisingly stable and supportive during my practice. The colorful patterns not only added a fun and motivating touch but also aided in my body alignment.

Perhaps the best part about this mat is its machine-washable feature. After a strenuous workout, simply throw it into the washing machine and let it hang to dry. No more hassles with hand-washing!

Although I appreciate the inclusion of the carrying strap, it’s not my favorite feature. It tends to loosen up while carrying, and I find pulling it out just a bit cumbersome. Still, this minor inconvenience doesn’t take away from the overall quality and performance of the Yoga Design Lab’s Commuter Yoga Mat.

In conclusion, if you’re an avid hot yogi or an ardent traveler in search of a stylish, eco-friendly, easy-to-maintain yoga mat, give this one a try. You might just fall in love with it like I did!

Organic Cotton Mysore Yoga Rug – JadeYoga


I recently discovered JadeYoga’s Mysore Yoga Rug, and it’s been a game-changer for my practice. Crafted from natural organic cotton, this rug has a unique charm that transported me back to the roots of yoga. The traditional weaving techniques used in its production provide an authentic feel that synthetic mats just can’t replicate. Plus, the rug offers excellent grip quality during practice, making it perfect for all yogi levels.

Initially, the cotton material felt a bit rough on my hands, but after a few uses, I grew to love its organic texture. Surprisingly, the more I sweat, the better the grip becomes - perfect for those intense Ashtanga classes. And if you’re looking to practice outdoors or on the beach, no problem! The rug is easy to clean and machine washable.

Aesthetically, the rug boasts a lovely green hue that adds a calming touch to my practice space. It’s also more compact than synthetic mats, making it great for storage and portability.

One aspect where the rug could improve slightly is its stability on slick surfaces. While it doesn’t move much when placed on a regular mat, you may need to add some cushioning or grip underneath it for enhanced security.

Overall, I wholeheartedly recommend this organic cotton Mysore Yoga Rug from JadeYoga. It’s not only a beautiful addition to your practice but also supports traditional weaving techniques and provides nourishment to children in need in India.

Medallion Tapestry Yoga Mat - Mauve


I’ve been using the Oak and Reed Medallion Tapestry Yoga Mat for a while now, and it has become a staple in my daily yoga routine. The 4mm cushioning provides the perfect balance of comfort and stability, while the non-slip surface on both sides ensures I don’t lose traction during challenging poses. I particularly love the beautiful medallion pattern, which adds a cheerful touch to my practice and makes me feel inspired every time I step onto the mat.

The yoga mat is also incredibly easy to clean - just a quick wipe with a damp cloth does the trick. And the braided carry rope included in the package makes it super convenient to roll up and take with me wherever I go. I’ve even used it as a floor mat in my kitchen, and it works just as well there!

However, I have noticed that the material can be a bit stretchy, so it’s essential to make sure it’s properly aligned and secure before starting a workout. Overall, the Oak and Reed Medallion Tapestry Yoga Mat is a beautiful addition to any yoga or training practice.

100% Organic Cotton Yoga Mat


My journey with the Live Well 360 Organic Cotton Yoga Mat began when I was seeking a more sustainable practice in my yoga routine. As someone who values eco-consciousness and quality, I was excited to give this mat a try.

The first thing that stood out to me was its natural feel. It’s made from 100% certified organic cotton, which offers an experience that synthetic yoga mats just can’t match. The tightly woven fabric has an attractive appearance and feels incredibly comfortable underfoot.

One of my favorite features of this yoga mat is its size. Measuring 78”x27”, it provides ample space for all types of yoga poses, Pilates moves, and stretching exercises. It’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, and the unbleached natural cotton color looks stylish no matter where you set it up.

Another standout feature is the grip quality. Unlike some yoga mats that slide around while you’re moving, this one stays in place, allowing me to focus on my practice without worrying about slipping or losing balance. Plus, it’s machine-washable, making it easy to keep clean and fresh.

However, I did notice that it’s not as thick as traditional foam or rubber mats. While it’s suitable for most indoor surfaces, I wouldn’t recommend using it on hardwood floors or concrete without some sort of cushioning beneath it.

Overall, I’ve been very happy with my Live Well 360 Organic Cotton Yoga Mat. Its natural materials, comfortable feel, and stylish appearance make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to bring more eco-friendliness into their fitness routine.

Yuj Yogi Cotton Yoga Mat


I recently got my hands on the Yuj Yogi Cotton Yoga Mat in black/silver, and I’ve been using it for my daily practice. It’s a stylish addition to my workout gear, and the cotton material feels comfortable under my hands and feet during practice. The mat isn’t too thick, which makes it easy to roll up and carry around in its matching bag.

However, it’s definitely not the sturdiest option out there. If you’re looking for something with a little more cushioning, this might not be the best choice for you. It’s a little too small for my taste as well, but it’s perfect for anyone with a thinner yoga mat.

Overall, it’s a nice-looking option for those who prioritize style over substance in their yoga mat choice. The cotton material is comfortable enough, but it lacks the durability and thickness that some yoga enthusiasts might prefer.

Buyer’s Guide

Important Features of Cotton Yoga Mats

Cotton Yoga Mats-2

Cotton yoga mats are notable for their softness, breathability, and eco-friendliness. They provide a comfortable surface to practice on and are often favored by yogis who prefer natural materials. The following are some important features to look for when choosing a cotton yoga mat:

Considerations When Buying Cotton Yoga Mats

Before making a purchase, consider the following factors:

  • Size: Make sure the mat is large enough to accommodate your body during practice.

  • Thickness: Thinner mats may be easier to carry, but thicker mats offer more cushioning and comfort.

  • Non-slip properties: Some cotton mats may have added grips or textures to prevent slipping during practice.

  • Eco-friendliness: Opt for mats made from organic cotton, which is free from harmful chemicals and pesticides.

General Advice for Using Cotton Yoga Mats

To make the most of your cotton yoga mat, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Air out the mat regularly to prevent mold or mildew buildup.

  2. Clean the mat with a mild detergent or a yoga mat cleaner solution after each use.

  3. Allow the mat to dry completely before rolling it up or storing it away.

  4. Inspect your mat periodically for signs of wear or damage, as cotton mats may degrade over time with regular use.

Cotton Yoga Mats-3


What are the benefits of using a cotton yoga mat?

Cotton yoga mats provide a non-slip surface for practicing yoga, helping you maintain stability during poses. They are eco-friendly, biodegradable, and odor-resistant, making them a sustainable choice for environmentally conscious yogis.

How do cotton yoga mats compare to rubber or PVC mats?

Cotton Yoga Mats-4

Cotton mats are natural and organic, unlike rubber or PVC mats, which have synthetic components. Cotton mats are lightweight and easy to wash, while rubber mats offer better grip and can withstand heavier use. PVC mats are generally the most affordable but may not be the best option for those seeking eco-friendly alternatives.

Can I use a cotton yoga mat for hot yoga?

Cotton yoga mats can be used for hot yoga, but keep in mind that they may absorb moisture more easily than rubber or PVC mats. To prevent slipping, consider using a yoga towel on top of your mat or choose a cotton mat with a non-slip surface.

How do I care for my cotton yoga mat?

To clean your cotton yoga mat, gently wash it with mild soap and water, then let it air dry. Avoid using harsh chemicals or putting it in the washing machine, as this may damage the mat. If your mat becomes too worn or damaged, replace it with a new one to ensure a safe and comfortable practice.

Cotton Yoga Mats-5

How thick should my cotton yoga mat be?

Cotton yoga mats typically have a thickness between 1/8 and 1/4 inches (3-6mm). The ideal thickness depends on your personal preferences and the type of yoga you practice. Thicker mats may provide more cushioning, while thinner mats offer a better grip on the ground. Experiment with different thicknesses to find the one that works best for you.

Why choose a cotton yoga mat over a foam or cork mat?

Cotton mats are natural, sustainable, and biodegradable, making them an eco-friendly choice. Additionally, they provide good grip and cushioning while being lightweight and easy to transport. Foam mats can be less durable and may contain harmful chemicals, while cork mats are heavier and more expensive.

Are cotton yoga mats suitable for beginners?

Cotton Yoga Mats-6

Yes, cotton yoga mats are suitable for beginners. They offer good grip and cushioning, making them comfortable and safe for practicing yoga. Additionally, they are easy to clean and maintain, making them a convenient choice for yogis of all levels.

How do I choose the right cotton yoga mat for me?

When selecting a cotton yoga mat, consider factors such as thickness, texture, and price. Choose a mat that offers the right level of cushioning and grip for your needs. Look for mats made from organic cotton and free of harmful chemicals. Additionally, consider the manufacturer’s reputation and customer reviews to ensure you are purchasing a high-quality product that will meet your expectations.

How do I store my cotton yoga mat?

To store your cotton yoga mat, roll it up and secure it with a strap or tie. Avoid folding the mat, as this can cause creases and reduce its lifespan. Store the mat in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. If your mat is damp, allow it to air dry completely before rolling it up and storing it.

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