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Gaiam Yoga Mats

In this roundup review, we explore Gaiam's top-rated yoga mats for comfortable and focused practice. Discover our curated selection of the best Gaiam mats for all levels of yogis, ensuring a safe and supportive foundation for your daily practice.

In this roundup review, we explore Gaiam's top-rated yoga mats for comfortable and focused practice. Discover our curated selection of the best Gaiam mats for all levels of yogis, ensuring a safe and supportive foundation for your daily practice.

Welcome to our in-depth look at the best Gaiam Yoga Mats in the market. In this comprehensive roundup, we’ll discuss why Gaiam is your go-to brand for yoga mats, covering everything from material choice to durability and comfort. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned yogi, you’ll find the perfect Gaiam yoga mat to suit your practice.

Ready to elevate your yoga game? Dive into our guide for an overview of the top Gaiam yoga mats. By the end, you’ll know exactly which mat is right for you, and why so many yogis trust Gaiam for their practice.

The Top 5 Best Gaiam Yoga Mats

  1. Gaiam 6mm Odor-Free Yoga Mat with Free Workout Class - Experience premium yoga practice with Gaiam’s 6mm Indigo Point Yoga Mat, offering exceptional comfort, durability, and eco-conscious design.

  2. Celestial Blue Gaiam 6mm Premium Yoga Mat for Home or Studio - Experience a new world of yoga with the 6mm Premium Print Yoga Mat in Celestial Blue by Gaiam, offering a non-toxic and eco-friendly practice, while providing exceptional grip, comfort, and support.

  3. Gaiam Metallic Sunset 6mm Yoga Mat - Discover the luxurious Gaiam Premium Metallic Sunset Yoga Mat, expertly crafted with 6mm padding for comfort and a non-slip surface for stability. Made from sustainable PVC, this stylish and long-lasting mat is perfect for elevating your yoga practice.

  4. Gaiam 4mm Pink Marrakesh Yoga Mat - Experience yoga comfort and support with the Gaiam Pink Marrakesh Yoga Mat, featuring a textured surface for grip, eco-friendly PVC material, and a 4mm thickness for optimal cushioning.

  5. Gaiam 6mm Reversible Yoga Mat with Kaleidoscope Sea Design - The Gaiam 6mm Premium Reversible Yoga Mat - Kaleidoscope Sea offers both style and functionality, designed with a latex-free PVC material and a thick cushioned surface for ultimate comfort while being easy to maintain and transport.

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Gaiam 6mm Odor-Free Yoga Mat with Free Workout Class


My experience with the Gaiam Premium Print Yoga Mat has been quite interesting. I’ve always been averse to the idea of yoga, but this mat just made it feel more appealing. The moment I got it, I was drawn to its beautiful Indigo Point design. It’s not just attractive, it also helps me maintain proper alignment during my practice, which I thought was pretty cool.

One thing that really impressed me about this mat is its thickness. At 6mm, it provides just the right level of cushioning that I need to protect my joints while I stretch and twist. Plus, it’s free from harmful phthalates, making it a healthier choice for both me and the environment. However, I did notice a slight odor when I first unwrapped it, but airing it out for a few days took care of that.

However, there are a few downsides as well. The surface of the mat can be a bit slippery at times, especially when I get a little sweaty during intense sessions. And while it’s portable, it’s not the lightest mat out there, which can be a bit of a pain when I have to carry it around.

Overall, I must say that this yoga mat has been a game-changer for me. Its appealing design, comfortable thickness, and eco-friendly materials make it a great addition to my daily practice. While it may not be perfect, its pros outweigh the cons, and I can definitely recommend it to anyone looking to enhance their yoga journey.

Celestial Blue Gaiam 6mm Premium Yoga Mat for Home or Studio


As a yoga enthusiast, I’ve tried several yoga mats in my quest for the perfect one. However, the Gaiam 6mm Premium Print Yoga Mat in Celestial Blue has truly captured my heart. Its beautiful celestial print adds a touch of ethereal charm to my yoga practice, making me feel like I’m practicing while gazing at the stars.

Made from latex-free PVC, this yoga mat offers a thickness of 6mm that provides exceptional cushioning. The surface has a textured, “sticky” feel that helps me maintain my balance during different poses without any trouble. I love its non-slip feature which ensures I can perform all yoga styles without worrying about slipping.

Ideal for both home and studio usage, this mat comes with a lifetime guarantee from Gaiam, giving me peace of mind about its durability. Its dimensions, i. e. , 68 inches long and 24 inches wide, make it a comfortable fit for most people.

There is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to odor elimination at first. But, following proper care instructions such as airing out the mat for a few days after receiving it can help in reducing the strong odor significantly. Furthermore, spot cleaning with a damp cloth and mild detergent can easily maintain its cleanliness.

However, if you are planning to use this product in direct sunlight for extended periods, be prepared to see some fading and brittleness. I’ve found that keeping it in a shaded space helps preserve its vibrant color and texture.

While the overall performance and aesthetics of the Gaiam 6mm Premium Print Yoga Mat are top-notch, it’s worth mentioning that some users may find its thickness a bit too soft, making joints feel unsupported. It might not be the best option for those who prefer firmer mats.

In conclusion, the Gaiam 6mm Premium Print Yoga Mat in Celestial Blue is an excellent choice for yogis looking for a visually striking yet comfortable and durable mat for their practice. Its high-quality craftsmanship, exceptional features, and lifetime guarantee make it a worthwhile investment for any serious yogi. However, be aware of its softness and the proper care required to eliminate strong odor.

Gaiam Metallic Sunset 6mm Yoga Mat


I recently got my hands on the Gaiam Premium Metallic Sunset Yoga Mat, and boy, has it been a game-changer in my daily yoga routine! This beautiful 6mm thick mat offers the perfect balance between comfort and stability with its cushioned padding and textured non-slip surface. It’s made from latex-free PVC and free of any harmful plasticisers.

One highlight of this mat is how stylish it looks with its metallic design. While appearance might not be everything, it certainly contributes to the overall experience of practicing yoga on this mat. Plus, the pattern on the mat helps you easily check your alignment during poses.

The main downside I found was that when using the product for the first time, it had a strong chemical smell that took over 12 hours to dissipate. This may have been due to the PVC material, but thankfully after some airing out sessions, the odour disappeared completely.

In conclusion, I would recommend the Gaiam Premium Metallic Sunset Yoga Mat to anyone looking for a comfortable, well-made, and visually appealing addition to their daily yoga practice. However, be prepared for an initial chemical smell that requires some patience before it fades away.

Gaiam 4mm Pink Marrakesh Yoga Mat


I recently purchased the Gaiam 4mm Yoga Mat in Pink Marrakesh for my home practice, and I must say it has been an absolute game-changer. As a yoga enthusiast, I had heard rave reviews about Gaiam’s mats from friends and online forums, and now I understand why. The mat’s texture provides an excellent grip that has significantly improved my balance and stability during various poses.

From the moment I unrolled the mat, I could tell it was made with high-quality materials. Its thickness of 4mm offers ample cushioning for my knees and wrists while maintaining proper alignment throughout my practice. I particularly appreciate how lightweight this mat is, making it easy to transport to and from classes or when I practice outside.

One aspect that initially concerned me was the odor upon unpacking. However, the instructions recommended airing it out for a couple of days, and the smell dissipated completely. I also followed the advice to wipe it down with a damp cloth before using it, which helped improve its grip further.

Despite the minor inconvenience of the odor, I would highly recommend the Gaiam 4mm Yoga Mat. Its durability and portability make it an ideal choice for anyone looking to enhance their yoga practice at home or on-the-go. Plus, knowing that it’s manufactured free of harmful phthalates gives me peace of mind about using it regularly.

Gaiam 6mm Reversible Yoga Mat with Kaleidoscope Sea Design


I recently purchased the Gaiam Reversible Yoga Mat - Kaleidoscope Sea and have been thoroughly impressed with its quality and design. This yoga mat not only adds a touch of style to my practice but also provides the optimal comfort and support.

The two-sided design is striking, making it difficult to decide which side to use each day. The thickness is particularly noticeable and offers a cushioned surface that’s incredibly comfortable for my knees during poses on the floor.

However, I must admit there was an initial strong odor when I first unrolled the mat. Fortunately, after airing it out for a day and applying some essential oils, the smell dissipated significantly.

The grip isn’t perfect, but it’s sufficient for maintaining stability during most poses. Some users have reported issues with slipperiness, especially when they start to sweat. Personally, I haven’t encountered this problem, but it might be worth considering if you tend to sweat a lot during exercise.

Overall, I am very satisfied with this yoga mat and would highly recommend it to others looking to enhance their practice. I believe that the combination of its comfortable thickness, beautiful design, and good value makes it a standout choice among other yoga mats on the market.

Buyer’s Guide

Gaiam Yoga Mats-2

Important Features to Consider

When shopping for a Gaiam yoga mat, there are several key features to look for:

  • Thickness: A thicker mat can offer more cushioning and comfort, especially for those with joint pain or beginners. However, it might be harder to carry around.

  • Grip: A good mat should have an anti-slip surface that prevents sliding during yoga poses.

  • Material: Consider the material of the mat, as some are more eco-friendly, odor-resistant, or easy to clean than others.

Considerations Before Purchasing

Before purchasing a Gaiam yoga mat, ask yourself these questions:

  • Who will use the mat? If multiple people will use the same mat, choose a durable one with a good grip.

  • Where will you practice? If you plan to practice mainly indoors, you might not need a thick outdoor-ready mat.

  • What is your budget? Gaiam offers mats at various price points to suit different budgets.

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General Advice for Using Your New Yoga Mat

Once you have purchased your Gaiam yoga mat, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Regularly clean your mat after each use to maintain hygiene and prolong its lifespan.

  2. Allow your mat to air dry after washing, and store it in a well-ventilated area to avoid mold or mildew.

  3. Read reviews from other customers to ensure you are selecting the best mat for your needs.


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What is a Gaiam Yoga Mat?

A Gaiam Yoga Mat is a specially designed mat for practicing yoga. It provides a comfortable, non-slip surface that helps maintain balance during poses and exercises. These mats come in various sizes and designs, making them suitable for beginners as well as advanced practitioners.

How do I choose the right Gaiam Yoga Mat for me?

Consider factors such as thickness, materials, size, and style when choosing a Gaiam Yoga Mat. Thickness affects comfort, with thinner mats offering more support and responsiveness. Materials impact grip, cushioning, and eco-friendliness. Size should be large enough to comfortably accommodate your body during poses, while style is a matter of personal preference.

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How do I clean my Gaiam Yoga Mat?

  1. Shake off loose dirt or dust.

  2. Clean the mat with a damp cloth and mild soap, or with a yoga mat cleaner spray (avoid using water directly on the mat).

  3. Wipe the mat dry with a clean towel or let it air dry before rolling or folding it.

How often should I replace my Gaiam Yoga Mat?

It depends on how frequently you use the mat and how well you maintain it. As a general guideline, you should replace your mat if it starts losing its grip, develops tears, or its cushioning deteriorates.

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Do Gaiam Yoga Mats come with a warranty?

Yes, most Gaiam Yoga Mats come with a one-year limited warranty covering manufacturing defects.

Can I use my Gaiam Yoga Mat for other workouts besides yoga?

Definitely! While originally designed for yoga, Gaiam Yoga Mats can also be used for Pilates, stretching, and other low-impact exercises, providing support and traction on most surfaces.

Are Gaiam Yoga Mats eco-friendly?

Gaiam offers a selection of eco-friendly yoga mats made from recycled or sustainable materials, such as natural rubber or TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). These mats are free of PVC, latex, and other harmful chemicals.

What is the difference between a Gaiam yoga mat and a regular exercise mat?

A Gaiam yoga mat is specifically designed for yoga practice. It offers better grip, more cushioning, and a non-slip surface, making it ideal for executing and maintaining poses. On the other hand, a regular exercise mat may be less cushioned and may not have the same level of grip, which can make some yoga poses difficult to execute.

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