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North Face Gym Bags

Discover the ultimate collection of stylish and durable North Face gym bags, perfect for fitness enthusiasts who want reliable and on-trend gear to keep their workout essentials organized and protected. Find your ideal gym bag and stay stylish while remaining active!

Discover the ultimate collection of stylish and durable North Face gym bags, perfect for fitness enthusiasts who want reliable and on-trend gear to keep their workout essentials organized and protected. Find your ideal gym bag and stay stylish while remaining active!

Looking for the perfect gym bag that can handle all your workout essentials while keeping up with your active lifestyle? Check out our roundup of top-notch North Face gym bags. These stylish and functional bags are designed to carry all your gear and keep you organized, no matter where your fitness journey takes you. Read on to find out which bag suits your needs best and elevate your workout routine to the next level!

In this article, we’ll be presenting a comprehensive selection of North Face gym bags, covering different styles, sizes, and features to cater to your unique preferences. From compact and lightweight options to spacious and feature-rich ones, there’s something for everyone in this collection. So, whether you’re a seasoned gym-goer or just starting your fitness journey, our roundup of North Face gym bags is sure to have the perfect bag for you.

The Top 10 Best North Face Gym Bags

  1. Durable and Spacious Base Camp Voyager Travel Pack - The North Face Base Camp Voyager Travel Pack is a well-made, 35-liter bag with convenient storage features for your travel or everyday needs. With its lightweight and sturdy construction, you’ll experience comfort and great organization.

  2. The North Face Base Camp Voyager Travel Backpack - The North Face Base Camp Travel Pack Black boasts a water- and abrasion-resistant build, providing exceptional durability and organizational features, making it ideal for both short trips and daily commutes.

  3. The North Face Vault Backpack: Minimalist Comfort and Style - The North Face Vault Backpack in Mid Grey Dark Heather/Black offers a stylish and comfortable design with a spacious compartment, weather-resistant materials, and easy-to-adjust straps, making it perfect for daily commuting or gym sessions.

  4. The North Face Borealis Sling Backpack: The Perfect Gym Companion - The North Face Borealis Sling Backpack White, boasts a 6 litre capacity and adjusts with ease. Made from weather-resistant, 600D recycled polyester, it’s both comfortable and well-made—with storage designs for laptops, tablets, and all of your essentials.

  5. The North Face Vault Black Polyester 27L Backpack - The North Face Vault Backpack, in TNF Black, is a versatile and well-made pack for students and commuters, boasting a spacious main compartment, padded shoulder straps, and reflective details for safe nighttime cycling.

  6. 42L Recycled Black North Face Voyager Duffel - The North Face Base Camp Voyager Duffel-42L is a durable, lightweight, and versatile gym bag ideal for travel, featuring detachable straps, a DWR finish, and compartment organization for optimal storage.

  7. The North Face Base Camp Duffel - Compact & Durable Travel Bag - Discover the perfect travel companion in the North Face Base Camp Duffel XS, featuring a waterproof design, adjustable alpine cut shoulder straps, and ample storage options for all your adventuring needs.

  8. The North Face Women’s Weekender Duffel - The North Face Women’s Never Stop Weekender Duffel is a durable and stylish duffle bag perfect for weekend trips and gym sessions, featuring ample storage, adjustable shoulder strap, and padded handles for comfortable carrying.

  9. The North Face Berkeley Small Duffel - Mid Grey - The North Face Berkeley Small Duffel - Mid Grey combines comfort, convenience, and sustainability in a highly functional, stylish, and eco-friendly bag perfect for your daily commute or weekend getaways.

  10. The North Face Expedition Duffel Bag 95L - The North Face Base Camp Duffel Red Black offers exceptional durability and ergonomic comfort with its alpine-cut shoulder straps, padded side handles, and detachable padded backpack straps, making it perfect for your next adventure.

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Durable and Spacious Base Camp Voyager Travel Pack


My journey with The North Face Base Camp Voyager Travel Pack started when I needed a versatile bag that could hold all my essentials for a weekend getaway and also serve as my everyday travel bag. I’ve been using it for a few months now, and I must say, it has not disappointed me even a bit.

The first thing that grabbed my attention was its sleek and stylish design. It comes in various color combinations, making it suitable for both men and women. But what really sets this bag apart is its spacious interior. The 35-liter capacity is more than enough to carry all my clothes, footwear, gear, and other essentials. What’s even better is that the main compartment is dividable, which makes organizing my stuff super easy.

One of the standout features of this travel pack is its excellent weather resistance. The water- and abrasion-resistant fabrics keep my belongings safe during a downpour or when I accidentally brush against rough surfaces. Plus, the bag is lightweight, making it comfortable to carry around without straining my shoulders or back.

Another highlight of this travel pack is its comfortable padded straps and cushioned back panel. As someone who spends a lot of time outdoors, I can’t stress enough how important these features are. They provide great support and help distribute the weight evenly, making long hikes or walking tours much more enjoyable.

However, there are a couple of minor drawbacks worth mentioning. Firstly, the water bottle holders are quite stiff, making it difficult to insert my larger water bottles. Secondly, the straps could be slightly longer for taller individuals like myself.

Despite these minor issues, I’m still very satisfied with my purchase. The North Face Base Camp Voyager Travel Pack has truly made my life as a traveler much easier and more comfortable. If you’re on the lookout for a high-quality, versatile travel bag that offers both style and functionality, this is definitely worth considering!

The North Face Base Camp Voyager Travel Backpack


I recently replaced my worn-out travel bag with the stylish and functional North Face Base Camp Voyager Backpack in a sleek black color. As a fan of the brand, I was excited to give this new addition a try. The first thing that caught my eye was the adjustable divider in the main compartment, which made packing a breeze and helped me separate my clothes, shoes, and gear with ease.

One of the features I truly appreciated was how seamlessly this bag fit into my busy travel schedule. The YKK zippers offered a secure and smooth experience when accessing my belongings, and the multiple compartments made organizing my items a breeze. Plus, the luggage handle sleeve allowed me to slot this backpack onto my suitcase for easier transport through airports and train stations.

However, there were a few minor issues that prevented me from giving it a perfect rating. The shoulder straps didn’t seem to be spaced as wide as I would have liked, causing some discomfort when wearing the bag for extended periods. Additionally, the water bottle holders were a bit stiff and difficult to access with a larger bottle.

Overall, I am quite satisfied with the North Face Base Camp Voyager Backpack as my go-to travel companion. Its durable construction, weather resistance, and versatile design make it ideal for a weekend getaway or as an everyday travel bag. Just be aware of the shoulder strap spacing and water bottle holder stiffness before making a purchase.

The North Face Vault Backpack: Minimalist Comfort and Style


As an avid hiker and traveler, I was thrilled to get my hands on the Vault Backpack by THE NORTH FACE. I’ve been using it for the past few months now, and I must say it’s been a game-changer. It’s not only stylish but also incredibly comfortable to wear all day long.

The Vault Backpack boasts an improved suspension system that makes carrying heavy loads a breeze. Its sleek design and minimalistic approach make it perfect for everyday use - whether you’re heading to work or exploring new trails.

One of the standout features of this backpack is its well-thought-out storage design. It has enough space to accommodate my laptop, tablet, and other essentials, while still maintaining a sleek and streamlined appearance. The multiple compartments and pockets allow me to keep everything organized and easily accessible.

In addition to its functionality, I also appreciate the Vault Backpack’s durability. The high-quality material can withstand rough handling and harsh weather conditions, making it an ideal choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

However, there are a couple of cons worth mentioning. Firstly, the front pocket could be slightly larger to accommodate smaller items more effectively. Secondly, the zippers, although fast and smooth, tend to open farther than intended, which might lead to some items falling out accidentally.

Overall, the Vault Backpack by THE NORTH FACE is a versatile and stylish choice for those who need a reliable backpack for daily use or outdoor adventures. Its spacious interior, comfortable design, and durable construction make it a worthwhile investment for anyone in the market for a new backpack.

The North Face Borealis Sling Backpack: The Perfect Gym Companion


I recently purchased The North Face Borealis Sling Bag and I’ve been using it quite extensively in my daily life. I must say, it’s been a game-changer for short trips and city outings. It’s the perfect size for carrying my essentials including a tablet sleeve, water bottle pocket, and zippered compartments for added security.

One of my favorite features of this backpack is its fabric. The 600D recycled polyester with a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish provides excellent weather resistance, keeping my belongings dry even during sudden downpours. Plus, the sturdy construction gives me peace of mind that my belongings are securely protected.

Moving onto the negative aspects, I did experience some discomfort while wearing it with multiple layers during colder days. Additionally, the strap adjustment could be more intuitive and flexible to accommodate different shoulder types. However, these are minor issues that don’t deter me from recommending this sling bag to others. All in all, The North Face Borealis Sling Bag has become my go-to for short trips and daily use due to its ample storage, durable design, and weather resistance.

The North Face Vault Black Polyester 27L Backpack


Looking for a reliable and stylish backpack? The North Face Vault Black has been a game changer for me. Its versatile design adapts to my daily needs, whether I’m heading to class or heading out on a spontaneous adventure. The updated model is especially convenient, with double handles and an upright stance that makes commuting much easier.

The FlexVent suspension system provides all-day comfort with its padded mesh back panel and flexible shoulder straps. The main compartment is spacious enough to carry my books, laptop, and even a change of clothes for overnight stays. The front compartment features a padded tablet sleeve and zipped storage - perfect for pens and other school supplies. Plus, the external mesh pockets are ideal for water bottles.

One of my favorite features is the strategically-placed reflectors and bike-light loop, ensuring safe cycling at night. Overall, the Vault Backpack offers durability, functionality, and style - making it a must-have for students and anyone who needs a reliable daypack.

42L Recycled Black North Face Voyager Duffel


As an avid traveler, I first came across The North Face Base Camp Voyager Duffel when searching for a reliable and versatile carry-on bag for my upcoming trip. I must say, it’s been a game changer. This iconic duffel is not only sleek but also incredibly functional.

First off, the bag’s 100% recycled exterior has proven to be quite durable under various travel conditions. The lightweight fabric not only adds to its portability but also ensures a comfortable carrying experience. The side handles provide a nice grip while the removable, padded backpack straps offer flexibility in how you want to carry your stuff.

In terms of storage, this duffel does not disappoint. It comes with a zippered mesh pocket and an end-cap mesh sleeve pocket that provide excellent organization options. The main compartment is spacious enough for all my belongings, and the adjustable divider gives me the freedom to store items as per my convenience.

One feature that stands out is the external, secure-zip, padded laptop sleeve. It comfortably holds my 15-inch laptop, keeping it safe and accessible whenever needed. Furthermore, small external and internal pockets allow me to store essentials like passports and travel documents securely.

Despite its large capacity, this duffel remains compact and light. Its DWR finish adds an extra layer of protection against unexpected downpours. And when it comes to cleaning, a simple wipe-down does the trick, keeping the bag looking fresh at all times.

On my end, however, the only downside I experienced was the heat buildup on my back when carrying it as a backpack. This might be due to the materials used in the bag’s design, which don’t allow for much air circulation.

In conclusion, The North Face Base Camp Voyager Duffel has been a reliable travel companion. Its combination of thoughtful design features and durability make it a worthwhile investment for frequent travelers. Although it suffers from minor inconveniences in terms of heat buildup, these flaws do not outweigh the many positive aspects this duffel provides.

The North Face Base Camp Duffel - Compact & Durable Travel Bag


I have been using the Base Camp Duffel from The North Face for quite some time now, and it has truly become an essential part of my adventurous lifestyle. This sturdy and highly practical bag has seen me through camping trips, plane rides, and even everyday commutes.

First off, the durability of this bag is second to none. Made from high-quality, waterproof recycled materials, it has withstood everything from torrential downpours to rough handling at baggage claim without showing any signs of wear and tear. Its robust design and choice of material make it the perfect companion for any adventurer looking for reliable gear.

The spacious main compartment is complemented by a set of practical zippered end pockets that provide ample storage for smaller items, ensuring that everything I need is easily accessible. The wide-mouth opening also makes it incredibly easy to pack and unpack, saving me time and effort when preparing for my trips.

One of the standout features of this bag is its excellent weather resistance. Even when caught in the toughest rainstorms or battling harsh winds, my belongings have remained completely dry, giving me peace of mind when carrying valuable items such as camera equipment or sensitive electronics.

However, there was one minor issue that caught me off guard. Upon receiving the duffel bag, I discovered that the smaller sizes (like the one I purchased) do not come with the same side handles as the larger models. While this might not seem like a significant problem at first, it has made it slightly more difficult to carry the bag on short trips or use it as a carry-on.

In summary, the Base Camp Duffel from The North Face is a highly reliable and practical bag that has quickly become a staple in my adventuring gear. Its durability, ample storage space, and excellent weather resistance make it the perfect choice for both extended trips and everyday use. Though the lack of side handles on smaller sizes may be slightly inconvenient for some users, this bag’s numerous positive features more than make up for any drawbacks.

The North Face Women’s Weekender Duffel


As an avid traveler, I’ve always struggled to find the perfect weekender bag. That is until I came across The North Face Women’s Never Stop Weekender Duffel in TNF Black. This stylish and functional duffel has quickly become my go-to bag for short trips and gym visits.

What I loved most about this bag was its spacious main compartment, which comfortably held all my clothes, shoes, and accessories. The zippered end pocket came in handy for keeping my phone, wallet, and keys easily accessible when needed. The adjustable shoulder strap and padded handles made carrying the bag a breeze, even with a heavy load.

One minor inconvenience was the lack of internal organization pockets, making it slightly challenging to keep smaller items organized within the main compartment. However, this is a small sacrifice for a bag that is otherwise so versatile and durable.

Overall, I highly recommend The North Face Women’s Never Stop Weekender Duffel to anyone looking for a stylish and functional duffel bag for their next weekend getaway or gym trip. It’s a must-have accessory for any woman on the go.

The North Face Berkeley Small Duffel - Mid Grey


I recently got the chance to test out The North Face’s Berkeley Small Duffel in Mid Grey, and I must say, it quickly became my go-to bag for gym trips and weekend getaways. The durable recycled polyester fabric is not only eco-friendly but also feels robust and resilient. It’s perfect for those of us who need a reliable bag to carry all our essentials.

One feature that really stood out for me was the easy access top center zipper. This made it super convenient to grab what I needed without having to dig through the entire bag. I also loved the two external zippered side pockets, which were great for keeping my smaller items organized and within easy reach.

Another highlight of this duffel is its comfortable and versatile carrying options. The padded side straps with a leather connector made it easy to carry like a traditional duffel. But what really caught my attention was the ability to turn these straps into a comfortable backpack-style carry. This came in handy when I had to haul more stuff around than usual.

However, there were a few things that could have been better. For instance, the bag lacks any internal pockets, which would have been great for storing smaller items separately from the main compartment. Additionally, the shoulder straps felt a tad thin and could have benefited from more padding for added comfort, especially when the bag is packed to the brim.

Overall, I would give the North Face Berkeley Small Duffel a solid 4.5 out of 5 stars. It’s well-made, stylish, and offers ample storage space for short trips and daily use. The dual carrying options are a nice touch, and the bag’s durability is definitely worth the investment. If you’re in the market for a versatile and reliable duffel, I highly recommend giving this one a shot.

The North Face Expedition Duffel Bag 95L


You’re looking at a review for The North Face Base Camp Duffel, a trusty companion during my adventures. This bag has been my go-to for camping trips, cross-country road trips, and even just as an everyday gym bag. The first thing that grabbed my attention about this duffel is its durability. It’s made from high-quality, water-resistant material and then reinforced with extra bartacks and double stitching. I’ve put this bag through some tough conditions - from long treks through the forest to throwing it in and out of the car numerous times - and it’s held up perfectly.

Another highlight is its capacity. The 95-liter size is huge, offering plenty of space for all my gear and more. The main compartment is complemented by practical zippered end pockets, which are perfect for organizing smaller items. Plus, the DWR finish provides added protection against water and other elements.

One downside I noticed is the lack of a single, diagonal over-the-shoulder strap. Instead, it has detachable, adjustable, alpine-cut shoulder straps. Don’t get me wrong, these straps are extremely comfortable and they provide an ergonomic fit. But there are times when I wish I had that extra convenient strap option.

In conclusion, while there may not be a perfect duffel bag out there, The North Face Base Camp Duffel comes pretty close. Its durability, capacity, and organization options make it a reliable choice for any traveler. Just remember to pack lightly, especially if you’re not a fan of single-strap designs!

Buyer’s Guide

Fitness enthusiasts know how essential gym bags are to carry all their essentials while keeping them organized and easy to access. If you’re in the market for a new gym bag, The North Face offers a variety of options designed with the active individual in mind. These bags not only feature durability and sturdy construction but also come with numerous compartments and thoughtful design elements that cater to gym rats and fitness aficionados alike.

Material and Durability

North Face Gym Bags-2

One of the key factors to consider when selecting a gym bag is its material and durability. The North Face is renowned for using high-quality, long-lasting materials that can withstand the daily wear and tear of commuting and gym sessions. Many of their gym bags are made from sturdy nylon or polyester, which are both lightweight and water-resistant. Additionally, reinforced bottom panels and abrasion-resistant fabric in high-use areas further ensure that your bag will last for years to come.

Size and Compartments

Another important consideration when choosing a gym bag is its size and number of compartments. The North Face offers a range of bag sizes, from compact, lightweight models perfect for short workout sessions to larger duffels that can accommodate overnight gear and clothes. Be sure to consider how much space you’ll need to carry everything you need for your workout or travel, as well as any additional items (like shoes or a towel) that may require special storage solutions.


  • Dedicated shoe compartment

  • Microfiber-lined laptop sleeve

  • Multiple interior and exterior pockets

  • Key clip and small item storage

The best gym bag is one that keeps all your belongings organized and easily accessible. Look for a bag that offers a variety of compartments and pockets, both on the interior and exterior, to keep your essentials sorted and secure. Specialized features, such as a dedicated shoe compartment or a microfiber-lined laptop sleeve, can further enhance the organization and convenience of your gym bag.

North Face Gym Bags-3

Comfort and Ergonomics

A gym bag shouldn’t be just functional; it should also be comfortable to carry. Look for a bag that has well-padded shoulder straps or handles to help distribute the weight evenly across your body. Some bags may also feature adjustable straps to accommodate different body types and carrying preferences. For added convenience, consider choosing a bag with a built-in removable shoulder strap or a padded handle for comfortable, hands-free carrying.

Style and Personalization

While functionality is crucial, you’ll also want a gym bag that reflects your personal style and preferences. The North Face offers a variety of color and pattern options, allowing you to choose a bag that matches your aesthetic and makes a statement. Some bags may also feature customizable patches or straps, giving you the opportunity to personalize your bag and make it truly yours.

Additional Features

North Face Gym Bags-4

Depending on your needs, you may want to consider additional features when choosing a gym bag. For example, some bags are equipped with reflective details to enhance visibility during nighttime jogs or commutes. Others may include a built-in water bottle holder or hydration bladder compatibility, making it easy to stay hydrated during your workout or travel.

By considering these key factors – material and durability, size and compartments, organization, comfort and ergonomics, style and personalization, and additional features – you’ll be well-equipped to find the perfect gym bag from The North Face that meets all your fitness and travel needs.


What are the key features of North Face gym bags?

North Face gym bags are designed with functionality and durability in mind, featuring various compartments and pockets for easy organization of your gym essentials. They often include padded shoulder straps and ventilated materials for maximum comfort during your workout sessions.

North Face Gym Bags-5

Do North Face gym bags come in different sizes?

Yes, North Face gym bags come in various sizes to accommodate your specific needs. Some options are small and lightweight for quick trips to the gym, while others are larger and more versatile for overnight or weekend excursions.

How do North Face gym bags handle moisture and odor?

North Face gym bags often feature moisture-resistant materials and ventilated compartments to help manage sweat and odor. This ensures that your gym bag stays fresh and clean even after intense workout sessions.

Do North Face gym bags have any warranty or return policies?

North Face Gym Bags-6

North Face products, including gym bags, generally come with a limited warranty covering defects in materials and workmanship. Before purchasing, check the specific product details for warranty information or contact the company for more details.

How can I clean and maintain my North Face gym bag?

To clean your North Face gym bag, use a mild detergent and a soft cloth or sponge. Gently scrub the affected areas and rinse thoroughly with water. Allow the bag to air dry before using it again. Regularly empty your gym bag and remove any damp or wet items to prevent odor buildup and mildew growth.

Difference between North Face gym bag models?

There are several gym bag models offered by North Face, each with unique features to cater to different user preferences. Some models may have more compartments for organization, while others may boast enhanced water resistance or specialized pockets for specific items, such as shoes or laptops.

Best North Face gym bag for travel?

The best North Face gym bag for travel depends on your individual needs and preferences. Consider factors such as size, weight, and additional features like padded shoulder straps and weather-resistant materials when choosing the perfect gym bag for your travel needs.

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