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Pavel Kettlebells

Discover the ultimate guide to Pavel Kettlebells in our comprehensive product roundup. Explore various models, features, and benefits to help you find the perfect kettlebell for your workout needs.

Discover the ultimate guide to Pavel Kettlebells in our comprehensive product roundup. Explore various models, features, and benefits to help you find the perfect kettlebell for your workout needs.

Looking to diversify your workout routine with a versatile piece of fitness equipment? Look no further than Pavel Kettlebells! In our exclusive roundup, we dive into the benefits of incorporating kettlebells into your fitness regimen and review some of the best products on the market. Stay tuned as we share expert tips, user experiences, and unparalleled insights into why Pavel Kettlebells are the ultimate fitness companion.

The Top 5 Best Pavel Kettlebells

  1. Onnit Bigfoot 90lb Kettlebell - The Onnit BIGFOOT kettlebell (90lb) is an exceptional addition to your fitness arsenal, providing a robust workout experience while embodying the spirit of strength and determination.

  2. Fitness Gear Pro Kettlebell for Strength and Balance - Versatile and durable, the Fitness Gear Pro Kettlebell fortifies your fitness with strength, power, endurance, and balance, making it a valuable addition to your workout routine.

  3. Adjustable Weight Kettlebell Set for Women & Men - High-quality, precision-made Kettlebell Kings 4-48KG Powder Coated Kettlebell Weights: perfect for intense workouts, with recessed logo kettlebells and strong grip handles for longevity and a superior grip.

  4. Stylish Modern Indoor Cat Cage Enclosure with Hammock - Experience the power of the Power Systems 22840 5lbs Premium Kettlebell Prime Orange, featuring a color-coded weight system, comfortable steel grip, and durability to withstand even the most intense workouts.

  5. Body-Solid 40 lb. Vinyl Dipped Kettlebell - Experience the perfect fusion of strength training and cardio with Body Solid’s innovative 40 lb. Vinyl Dipped Kettlebells, featuring a durable vinyl coating and textured handle for a seamless workout experience.

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Onnit Bigfoot 90lb Kettlebell


I’ve recently been incorporating the Onnit Primal Bell (Bigfoot - 90lb) into my workout routine, and I must say it’s been a game-changer. The unique design of this kettlebell, featuring a detailed Sasquatch face, not only adds a fun twist to my exercise regimen but also inspires me to push harder and break through my fitness plateaus.

One aspect that really stands out about the Bigfoot kettlebell is its sturdiness. The solid cast iron construction makes it feel incredibly secure and reliable during even my most intense workout sessions. It’s evident that Onnit took great care in crafting this piece, as evidenced by the even weight distribution and comfortable grip.

Another highlight of this product is its excellent durability. Despite using it multiple times a week for several weeks now, the paint hasn’t chipped or worn off in any significant way – a testament to the high-quality materials and manufacturing process employed by Onnit.

However, one minor issue I’ve encountered with the Bigfoot kettlebell is the way its ears stick out. While this design choice certainly contributes to the product’s eye-catching appearance, it can sometimes make certain exercises, like holding the bell by the ears during squats, feel slightly awkward or uncomfortable.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend the Onnit Primal Bell (Bigfoot - 90lb) to anyone looking to add a little excitement and motivation to their fitness routine. Its unique design, top-notch construction, and impressive durability make it an excellent addition to any home gym. Just be mindful of the ear placement if you plan on using it for specific exercises that require a comfortable grip.

Fitness Gear Pro Kettlebell for Strength and Balance


As an avid fitness enthusiast, I’ve tried quite a few kettlebells, but the Fitness Gear Pro Kettlebell stands out as one of the best. I particularly love its sleek design and stylish color, which not only adds an aesthetically pleasing touch to my home gym but also gives this versatile piece of training equipment a high-end feel.

Despite its appearance of a lightweight tool, this kettlebell packs a punch, offering effective resistance training that has helped me sculpt and tone my body. One of my favorite features is the ergonomic handle. Made from smooth, polished steel, it provides a comfortable grip that makes swinging, squatting, and lifting a breeze and minimizes strain on my hands.

The composite base is another notable feature. Durable and robust, it ensures this kettlebell can withstand even the most intense workout sessions without succumbing to wear and tear. The composite base also adds a certain level of quietness to my workout, dampening any clangs that might disturb my neighbors.

However, my one issue with this kettlebell is the weight range. Though the available weights (10, 15, and 20 pounds) are more than adequate for most users, I believe a wider range of weights would be more appealing to fitness enthusiasts like me who enjoy pushing their limits.

Overall, the Fitness Gear Pro Kettlebell has been an exceptional addition to my workout routine. Its combination of durability, comfort, and versatility makes it a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to incorporate strength training into their fitness regimen.

Adjustable Weight Kettlebell Set for Women & Men


I recently picked up a set of Kettlebell Kings 4-48KG Powder Coated Kettlebell Weights to incorporate into my workout routine and I must say, they’ve given my home workouts a serious boost. The precision-made gravity casting and powder coating provide an excellent grip even during the most intense training sessions. These kettlebells are perfect for both men and women who are looking to build strength and endurance.

The recessed logo on each kettlebell is a thoughtful detail that not only adds an aesthetic touch but also ensures we don’t get our fingers smashed. This design feature combined with the strong grip handles make Kettlebell Kings’ kettlebells the perfect companion for intense workouts.

One thing that caught my attention, in a positive way, was the range of weights available - from 4KG up to 48KG. This flexibility means I can start with lighter weights to master the movements before gradually increasing the weights as I progress.

However, the lack of product reviews and specs on the website was a bit disappointing. I had to rely on my own experience to get an understanding of the product, which might not be ideal for everyone. Despite this, my personal experience with these Kettlebell Kings has been great and I’m already planning to order more!

Stylish Modern Indoor Cat Cage Enclosure with Hammock


The Power Systems 22840 5 lbs Premium Kettlebell Prime Orange is a solid, colorful addition to any workout routine. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and I must say, it’s my go-to kettlebell. The vibrant orange color not only adds a pop of fun but also helps me quickly identify the right weight during workouts.

One of the standout features of this kettlebell is its smooth, solid steel handle. It provides a comfortable grip even during intense workouts, making it easy to swing and lift without worrying about slippage. However, some users with bigger hands might find the handle too small for their comfort.

Another great thing about this kettlebell is its durability. The cast iron construction is covered in a thick layer of vinyl, which not only dampens noise during use but also protects floors from damage. This makes it suitable for indoor use only, but given its performance, I’d say that’s a fair trade-off.

Although the product description boasts 13 weight options ranging from 5 to 50 pounds, each sold separately, I find the color-coding system to be very helpful in distinguishing between different weights. The weights are clearly marked on each kettlebell, making it easy to switch between them during workouts.

However, there’s one downside to this kettlebell - the new version has a slightly different handle diameter than the older models. This might affect users who have a matched set of older and newer models, as it may make certain exercises feel awkward.

Overall, the Power Systems 22840 5 lbs Premium Kettlebell Prime Orange is a well-made, durable tool that adds variety and fun to my workout routine. Its comfortable grip, color-coding system, and solid construction make it worth considering if you’re in the market for a new kettlebell.

Body-Solid 40 lb. Vinyl Dipped Kettlebell


I’ve been using the Body Solid Kettlebell for a couple of months now, and I must say, it’s been a game-changer. The innovative design combines the best of both dumbbells and kettlebells, making it easy for me to get a comprehensive workout without switching between different weights. One of the things that stood out to me is the durable vinyl coating, which not only gives it a sleek look but also ensures that the weight is protected and won’t degrade over time. Plus, the textured handle has made gripping and swinging the kettlebell hassle-free, even during my most intense workout sessions.

The Body Solid Kettlebell is available in a wide range of weights, from as light as 5 lbs. up to 60 lbs. , which is perfect for both beginners and seasoned fitness enthusiasts looking to increase their strength and flexibility. If you’re on the hunt for a versatile and durable piece of workout equipment, I highly recommend giving the Body Solid Kettlebell a try. It’s definitely a worthwhile investment in your long-term fitness journey!

Buyer’s Guide

Pavel Kettlebells-2

Important Features to Consider

When choosing Pavel Kettlebells, there are several crucial features to keep in mind:

  • Handles: Ensure the handles are comfortable and won’t hurt your hands during use.

  • Shape and size: The shape and size of the kettlebell should match your fitness goals and workout style.

  • Weight: Choose a weight that you can manage comfortably and safely for your workouts.

Material and Durability

Pavel Kettlebells are known for their durability. When choosing one, consider:

  • All-steel construction: Ensure the kettlebell is made entirely of solid steel for maximum durability and longevity.

  • Coating: A textured or powder-coated finish can provide better grip and prevent slipping during workouts.

Pavel Kettlebells-3

Warranty and Customer Support

A good kettlebell brand will offer a strong warranty and excellent customer support. Always look for:

  • Warranty coverage: Ensure the kettlebell comes with a warranty that covers defects and material issues.

  • Customer service: Confirm that the kettlebell manufacturer offers prompt and helpful customer support to address any concerns or issues.


Pavel Kettlebells-4

What are Pavel Kettlebells?

Pavel Kettlebells are a line of high-quality kettlebells designed for strength and conditioning training. They are known for their durability, versatility, and smooth casting process, which results in a comfortable texture and balanced handle for a more enjoyable workout experience.

What is the difference between Pavel Kettlebells and other kettlebell brands?

While many kettlebell brands offer similar products, Pavel Kettlebells are known for their smooth casting process, which results in a comfortable texture and balanced handle. Additionally, Pavel Kettlebells are designed to withstand heavy usage and provide excellent grip, ensuring a safer and more effective workout experience.

Pavel Kettlebells-5

What weights are available for Pavel Kettlebells?

Pavel Kettlebells are available in a variety of weights to suit different fitness levels and workout goals. The common weights include 8 kg (18 lb), 12 kg (26 lb), 16 kg (35 lb), 20 kg (44 lb), 24 kg (53 lb), and 32 kg (71 lb). However, the available weights may vary depending on the specific seller or retailer.

How do I care for my Pavel Kettlebell?

  1. Wipe the kettlebell with a clean, dry cloth after each use to remove sweat and grime.

  2. Store the kettlebell in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent rust or damage.

  3. Periodically inspect the kettlebell for any chips, cracks, or other signs of wear and tear, and replace if necessary.

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What exercises can I perform with Pavel Kettlebells?

  • Swings

  • Deadlifts

  • Clean and Jerk

  • Snatch

  • Goblet Squats

  • Single-arm Presses

  • Renegade Rows

How can I get started with Pavel Kettlebells?

To begin using Pavel Kettlebells, it’s essential to learn proper form and technique to ensure a safe and effective workout. Consider taking a kettlebell workout class or hiring a certified personal trainer to guide you through the process. Many online resources, such as tutorial videos and articles, are also available to help you familiarize yourself with the basics of kettlebell training.

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