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Small Kettlebells

Discover the best small kettlebells for your workout needs in our comprehensive product roundup. Featuring a variety of sizes and brands, find the perfect kettlebell to enhance your fitness journey and maximize your gains.

Discover the best small kettlebells for your workout needs in our comprehensive product roundup. Featuring a variety of sizes and brands, find the perfect kettlebell to enhance your fitness journey and maximize your gains.

Small kettlebells may seem like underrated workout tools, but they offer a multitude of benefits that will leave you pleasantly surprised. As fitness enthusiasts continually search for versatile and space-efficient workout equipment, small kettlebells have emerged as an ideal choice. In our roundup article, we’ll share a variety of kettlebells perfect for enhancing your home workouts, while also discussing their many advantages. Keep reading to discover the best small kettlebells in town and how they can amp up your fitness journey!

The Top 7 Best Small Kettlebells

  1. Durable Powder Coat Kettlebell Weights for Women & Men - Kettlebell Kings’ kettlebell weights offer gym-quality with free workouts, powder coating for durability and rust resistance, and a comfortable toughtek grip fabric for abrasion resistance.

  2. 20lb Weider Performance Kettlebell - Elevate your home workout capabilities with the Weider Cast Iron Kettlebell (20 lb), boasting a durable hammertone finish and extra-wide grip to enhance control during dynamic exercise routines.

  3. Ethos Terracotta Soft Kettlebell - Calia Terracotta Kettlebell - Experience the perfect combination of comfort, durability, and performance with this stylish kettlebell designed for studio and at-home workouts. Ideal for muscle toning and resistance training. 4.8/5 stars from 9 reviews.

  4. 10lb Aqua Vinyl Coated Kettlebell for Active Lifestyle - Experience a comfortable workout with All in Motion’s 10lb Aqua Cast Iron Vinyl Coating Kettlebell, boasting a premium grip and exceptional durability, perfect for taking your fitness journey to the next level.

  5. Tru Grit Single-cast Iron Kettlebell - Experience the perfect fusion of strength, cardio, and endurance with Tru Grit’s durable and versatile 12 lb Cast Iron Kettlebell Weight, offering a sleek black finish and a comfortable grip for optimal performance at both the gym and home.

  6. Yes4all Powder Coated Cast Iron Competition Kettlebell - 4 kg - Yes4all’s Powder Coated Cast Iron Competition Kettlebell, offering a comfortable grip, 2% weight accuracy, and a wide, flat base for stability, is perfect for achieving your fitness goals and enhancing your kettlebell workout experience.

  7. Pink Kettlebell for Women Weight - The Yes4All Strength Training Kettlebell offers a game-changing workout experience with its innovative three-handle design and versatile weight options, perfect for enhancing strength training and providing a comfortable grip for men and women.

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Durable Powder Coat Kettlebell Weights for Women & Men


I’ve been using the Kettlebell Kings kettlebell for quite a while now, and I must say, it’s changed the way I approach my workout routine! At first, I was skeptical about the powder-coated surface, but boy was I pleasantly surprised. Its durability and resistance to rust have made it a truly reliable fitness partner.

One of the features I absolutely adore in this kettlebell is its neoprene sleeve and rubber base. It’s made for superior shock absorption, making my workouts much smoother and easier on my wrists. The toughtek grip fabric is simply amazing - it offers unparalleled abrasion resistance, which has greatly improved my grip and overall training experience.

However, this kettlebell isn’t perfect. Its weight can be a tad too light for advanced fitness enthusiasts, and it doesn’t come with any built-in training program. Overall, though, the Kettlebell Kings kettlebell has been a game-changer in my fitness journey. If you’re looking to amp up your workout game, this one’s definitely worth a try.

20lb Weider Performance Kettlebell


You won’t believe how much fun I had using the Weider Cast Iron Kettlebell Hammertone Finish in my workout routine! From the first time I swung it, I knew this was going to be a game-changer for my home workouts.

The extra-wide grip? Absolutely brilliant! It made me feel super secure during even the most intense workout sessions, giving me the confidence to push myself harder than ever before. The hammertone finish not only looks professional but also ensures quieter lifts, so no more disturbing the neighbors while you’re breaking a sweat.

But it’s not all sunshine and roses. There were a couple of instances where the kettlebell chipped or flaked during shipping, which was a bit disappointing. I guess that’s just part of buying things online, though.

Despite that, the solid cast iron construction has proven to be incredibly durable, lasting through countless workouts without any signs of wear or tear. Plus, with weights ranging from 10 pounds to 25 pounds, there’s something for everyone no matter what your fitness goals are.

In conclusion, the Weider Cast Iron Kettlebell Hammertone Finish has definitely become an essential part of my at-home workout routine. If you’re looking for a versatile piece of equipment that can help you tone and sculpt your muscles, look no further than this little powerhouse!

Ethos Terracotta Soft Kettlebell


When I decided to incorporate kettlebell exercises into my workout routine, I was thrilled to discover the Calia Soft Kettlebell in Terracotta. As a fitness enthusiast who loves both studio and at-home workouts, this kettlebell has quickly become a staple in my exercise arsenal.

One aspect that I absolutely adore about this kettlebell is its comfortable and secure grip. The ergonomic handle ensures that I always have a firm grasp, no matter how strenuous the exercise becomes. This has allowed me to confidently progress through various kettlebell workouts, such as swings, lunges, and squats, with an unwavering sense of control and safety.

The sturdy construction of the Calia Soft Kettlebell is another standout feature that has impressed me. Its soft base ensures that I can work out at home without worrying about damaging my floors, while the overall durability of the product promises years of hassle-free use.

Of course, no product is perfect, and there are a few minor drawbacks to the Calia Soft Kettlebell. For instance, the lack of a clear weight indication on the kettlebell itself can occasionally make it difficult to quickly identify the weight of the kettlebell I’m using without checking the label. Additionally, the kettlebell’s rounded edges can sometimes cause it to roll away from me during particularly intense workout sessions, which can be somewhat inconvenient.

Overall, I wholeheartedly recommend the Calia Soft Kettlebell in Terracotta to anyone looking to add a versatile, well-crafted tool to their fitness routine. Its comfortable grip, sturdy construction, and neutral color make it perfect for both studio and home workouts. While there are a few minor drawbacks to consider, the benefits of this kettlebell far outweigh the negatives. Happy kettlebell swinging!

10lb Aqua Vinyl Coated Kettlebell for Active Lifestyle


I recently incorporated the All in Motion 10lb Aqua Cast Iron Vinyl Coating Kettlebell into my workout routine, and I must say, it’s been a game-changer. I love how comfortable the handle is - it’s easy to grip even when my hands are sweaty. The range of weights available has allowed me to start slow and gradually progress as I get stronger.

One thing that really stood out to me about this kettlebell is its exceptional durability. Despite being used almost daily for the past few months, it still looks and feels brand new. The vinyl coating not only gives it a sleek appearance but also protects my floor from any damage.

However, there are a couple of minor drawbacks. The first one is the price point. While I understand that fitness equipment tends to be on the pricier side, especially during the pandemic, it would be great to see more affordable options. Another small issue is the packaging. Some users have reported receiving their kettlebells with minor scuffs and dings, which could be avoided if the product were better protected during shipping.

Overall, I would highly recommend the All in Motion 10lb Aqua Cast Iron Vinyl Coating Kettlebell. Its comfortable grip, excellent durability, and wide range of weights make it an excellent addition to any home gym. Just be prepared to pay a premium price for this high-quality piece of equipment.

Tru Grit Single-cast Iron Kettlebell


So, lately I’ve been getting into kettlebell training and let me tell you, it’s a gamechanger! I picked up the Tru Grit Fitness 12 lb Cast Iron Kettlebell Weight and oh boy, it’s been a ride.

First off, the material is top-notch. Tru Grit has made sure to use high-quality cast iron, which gives the kettlebell a nice, sturdy feel and ensures it’s going to last through many a workout. The color is sleek black, making it fit seamlessly into any workout environment, whether you’re in a gym or at home.

One of the best features of this kettlebell is its finish. It’s powder-coated, which means it has a comfortable grip and will endure the toughest of workouts. This is a major plus, especially if you’re like me and tend to get sweaty during workouts.

Another great thing about this kettlebell is its versatility. It’s suitable for both gym and home use, so no matter where you choose to get your sweat on, this kettlebell will be there for you. And, to make sure you’re always on track with your weights, the handle is color-coded for easy weight identification.

However, it’s not all perfect. There have been some issues with the packaging and delivery of this product, which can be a bit of a pain. Some users reported that their kettlebells arrived damaged, which can be frustrating when you’re excited to start your workout.

The other minor issue I found is that the handle can be a bit rough. It’s not the most comfortable grip in the world, but with some chalk or a gym towel, it can be manageable.

In conclusion, the Tru Grit Fitness 12 lb Cast Iron Kettlebell Weight is a solid choice for anyone looking to up their fitness game. It’s well-made, versatile, and has a comfortable grip. Just be prepared for the possibility of a rough handle and some potential issues with delivery.

For a more in-depth review, check out the product highlights, pros, and cons detailed below:

Product Highlights:

  1. Material: High-quality cast iron for lasting durability.

  2. Color: Sleek black, fitting seamlessly into any workout environment.

  3. Finish: Powder-coated for a comfortable grip and enduring quality.

  4. Usage/Application: Ideal for both gym and home use.

  5. Handle: Color-coded for easy weight identification.


  1. Sturdy and well-made.

  2. Durable powder-coated finish for a comfortable grip.

  3. Versatile and suitable for both gym and home use.

  4. Color-coded handles for easy weight identification.


  1. Some users reported receiving damaged kettlebells due to poor packaging and delivery.

  2. The handle can be a bit rough, making it a less comfortable grip than other similar products.

Yes4all Powder Coated Cast Iron Competition Kettlebell - 4 kg


I recently invested in the Yes4all Powder Coated Cast Iron Competition Kettlebell, and let me tell you, it has been a game-changer for my workout routine. Right off the bat, I noticed the kettlebell’s solid construction - it’s made of pure cast iron with no welds or seams, making it incredibly durable.

One feature that impressed me was the powder-coated finish combined with a slightly textured handle. This not only gives me a comfortable grip while swinging but also prevents any unwanted slipping or rusting. Another great thing about this kettlebell is its color-coded base, which makes it super easy to identify different weights quickly, especially during intense, fast-paced workouts.

The wide, flat base adds an extra layer of stability when storing the kettlebell vertically or doing pushups. As someone who enjoys kettlebell training, I can confidently say that this product has helped me improve my fitness game significantly.

However, there is one minor issue that I encountered. Upon receiving the kettlebell, I noticed a small scratch on the surface, which I believe may have occurred during shipping. Overall, I’m pleased with my purchase and plan on incorporating this versatile piece of workout equipment into my regular training regimen.

Pink Kettlebell for Women Weight


When I first picked up the Yes4all Strength Training Kettlebell, I was instantly drawn to its innovative three-handle design. As an avid fitness enthusiast always looking for the next best workout tool, I was excited to try this out. The wider handle made for a comfortable grip, even when swinging it around during intense kettlebell swings. The grainy texture of the kettlebell helped prevent slipping, ensuring a secure hold no matter how much sweat was involved.

One of the standout features of this kettlebell is its high-quality and durable material. Crafted from thick, sleek PE, it’s clear that Yes4all put a lot of thought into designing a kettlebell that could endure rigorous workouts without compromising on safety. The flat-bottom design also ensures stability during my workout sessions.

The versatility of this kettlebell is another major plus. Whether I’m tackling a 15lb workout or toning it down with a 10lb kettlebell for women, I appreciate having an adjustable piece of equipment that caters to my workout needs. Plus, its compact size makes it easy to store at home without taking up too much space.

On the downside, while the pink color adds a nice touch, it might not be everyone’s preferred aesthetic. Additionally, beginners might find the kettlebell weights a bit too heavy right off the bat.

Overall, I’ve found the Yes4all Strength Training Kettlebell to be a reliable and effective addition to my workout routine. Its innovative design, high-quality construction, and versatility make it a worthwhile investment for those looking to enhance their strength training regimen.

Small Kettlebells-2

Buyer’s Guide

Small Kettlebells-3

Important Features of Small Kettlebells

As you begin your journey into the world of kettlebells, it’s essential to understand the crucial features that make small kettlebells suitable for your fitness goals. Some of these features include:

  • Type of Material: Small kettlebells are usually made from cast iron, steel, or rubber. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages, so consider your personal preferences and needs when choosing a material.

  • Weight: Small kettlebells typically range from 5 to 35 pounds. Determine your fitness level and goals to select the appropriate weight for your workouts.

  • Handle: A comfortable, easy-to-grip handle is crucial for executing kettlebell exercises safely and effectively. Look for kettlebells with textured or flared handles to prevent slippage during your workout.

  • Size: Smaller kettlebells vary in size depending on their weight. Make sure the kettlebell you choose is compact and manageable, allowing for a full range of motion during exercise.

  • Coating: Some kettlebells come with a protective coating, such as rubber or vinyl, to prevent damage to floors and other surfaces. This may be an important consideration if you plan to use your kettlebells indoors.

Small Kettlebells-4

Considerations for Purchasing Small Kettlebells

Before you make your purchase, consider the following factors to ensure you choose the best kettlebells for your fitness needs:

  1. Your Fitness Goals: Are you aiming to build strength, improve mobility, or increase endurance? Define your goals to help you select the appropriate weight and type of kettlebell.

  2. Your Budget: Kettlebells can range in price from affordable to expensive. Decide on a budget and set realistic expectations for the quality and quantity of kettlebells you plan to buy.

  3. Your Space: Larger kettlebells may take up more space in your home gym. Consider the available space you have to accommodate your new fitness equipment.

  4. Your Experience Level: Inexperienced users may want to start with lighter weights to minimize the risk of injury and develop proper technique. More experienced users can select heavier weights or multiple weights to vary their workouts.

Small Kettlebells-5

General Advice for Using Small Kettlebells

To maximize the benefits of your small kettlebells and reduce the risk of injury, follow these general guidelines:

  • Warm Up: Before beginning any kettlebell workout, take the time to warm up with dynamic stretches and light cardio exercises to prepare your muscles and joints.

  • Form and Technique: Learning proper kettlebell technique is crucial for avoiding injury and effectively targeting specific muscle groups. Familiarize yourself with the correct form for each exercise before increasing the weight or intensity of your workouts.

  • Start Light: As mentioned earlier, it’s essential to begin with lighter weights, especially if you are new to kettlebell training. Gradually increase the weight and intensity of your workouts as your strength and technique improve.

  • Rest and Recovery: Give your muscles time to recover between workouts to avoid overtraining and injury. Listen to your body and adjust your training schedule as needed.

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What are small kettlebells used for?

Small kettlebells are versatile workout tools used for a variety of strength training exercises, including swings, snatches, cleans, and presses. They can be used for full-body workouts, improving muscle endurance, and aiding in fat loss.

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